Top Network Engineer Courses for Public Sector ICT staff in Kent

Top Network Engineer courses for Public Sector ICT staff in Kent


GOETEC is working with Kent Connects and East Kent College to launch a new programme of CISCO CNAA/CNE courses for ICT technical staff working in public sector organisations in Kent. The courses will be offered through the CISCO Academy based at the Canterbury campus of East Kent College. Starting in October candidates will need to be sponsored by their employer and will qualify for 50% funding of the course fees of £1,700. Attendance will be one day per week with the rest of the course being taught through use of distance learning. Course tutors will be available at the College for consultation every Monday. All 10 chapters of the CNAA course will be taught over the course of one year and can lead to the full Certified Network Engineer certification at the end. Applications can be sent to:  To Be Confirmed.