Changes to the Dark Fibre in Canterbury

Due to change of circumstances the dark fibre ring in Canterbury has had be re-routed twice in the past two months.

At University of Kent the DF ducting was routed across the planned site for the new Kent and Medway Medical School building. This necessitated moving the ducting and DF and affecting both University traffic and that managed by KPSN as part of their Network Core. The potential impact on both University and KPSN traffic as a result of this move was very significant. Fortunately close cooperation between all parties including the University Estates and IT departments, sub-contractors, KPSN and their suppliers led to a successful staged process of creating and moving to new ducting, re-routing the fibre channels and forming the new DF route across the campus. Preceding the physical work, extensive testing of the fail over routes by KPSN proved that the work would not cause any disruption to the KPSN public sector traffic. All work was completed successfully and the job proves a tribute to all concerned.

 In late July Canterbury Christ Church University also caused a re-routing of the DF in New Dover Road, Canterbury. The sale of a former CCCU building put the original DF route at risk from demolition contractors and new build.   New ducting was routed across the Canterbury College driveway and fibre moved in early August. Again the resiliency of the DF part of the KPSN network protected traffic and the job will complete by EKC-Canterbury College and UCA being connected to the new DF shortly. This project again pays tribute to all concerned to ensure a high degree of cooperation and staged work to complete the task without disruption.