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Meet our Strategy Group

GOETEC Strategy Group

The GOETEC Strategy Group sets the mission and objectives of GOETEC and provides guidance, direction and oversight to the GOETEC team.

One of the aims of the Strategy Group is to ensure that GOETEC continues to support and promote active collaboration and shared working  which has achieved significant added value to the region.

It brings together members as well as representatives of support organisations related to the GOETEC activity such as the Kent Public Services Network (KPSN), Kent Connects and Jisc.

Photo of Paul Butler

Paul Butler, Chair, University of Greenwich

Sarah Cockrill, Member, Canterbury Christ Church University

Photo of John Sotillo

John Sotillo, Member & GOETEC host institution, University of Kent

Barry Boden, Member, East Kent College (EKC) Group

Dave Lindsay, Member, Kent County Council

Stuart Cockett, KPSN


Graham Button, JISC


Mark O'Leary, JISC

Julie Johnson, Kent Connects (KCC)


Jonathan Smith, EKC Group

David Hayling, University of Kent

Marcus Wright, University of Kent

Lucy Druesne, GOETEC Partnership Manager

Maria Erley, GOETEC Administrator