Partnerships are at the heart of the GOETEC Mission and activities; after all, we are a Partnership ourselves.

We have made strong contributions to Partnerships across Kent and the wider public sector. This work includes the Kent Public Services Network (KPSN), Kent Connects (part of the Strategic Partnerships arm of Kent County Council) and JISC.

The Kent Public Service Network is a regional PSN providing high quality connectivity to all areas of Kent and Medway.

It is a not-for-profit partnership governed by 24+ partner organisations including Kent County Council, Medway Council as well as numerous Borough and District Councils, and health organisations across Kent.

These organisations are joined together through a secure private infrastructure so that they can connect, communicate and exchange data across the regional network with the necessary security protocols. This enables shared service delivery through a complete infrastructure that is compliant with central government standards and supports collaborative projects across the partnership at a reduced cost.

KPSN has increased ICT capacity, resilience and security to deliver faster, more accessible, and better public services to residents overcoming technological barriers to collaboration

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Kent Connects is a nationally recognised successful multi-agency Partnership of public service providers, comprising all Kent and Medway Councils, Kent Police, Kent Fire & Rescue Service, and South East Commissioning Support Unit (SECSU).

Established in 2002 as an e-Government Partnership, Kent Connects is funded by its Partner authorities.

With IT as the backbone to most public service functions, technology is recognised as one of the keys to successful and efficient services. Kent Connects has already invested in a single, county wide IT infrastructure (both technology and people) to enable our Partners to join up and share their service delivery mechanisms in a secure, robust and cost effective environment.

  • Our role is to tackle the barriers to the joining up and sharing of public services.
  • Our vision is to lead this transformation through the application of leading edge technology.
  • The published Public Services ICT Strategy & Action Plan is available for reference.
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JISC are a membership organisation, providing digital solutions for UK education and research. This includes the world-class JANET Network that provides infrastructure to connect UK education and research to a national backbone, global connections and the internet. This includes the Kent Universities and Colleges and the KPSN regional network infrastructure. JISC also provides a wide range of learning and library resources such as the JISC Collections, Archives Hub, e-books for FE, and open access to SHERPA,ORCID and CORE, JISC offers shared data services to UK institutions, domain registration, security and incident management, Service desk support, Trust and identity services such as UK Access Management Federation and certificate services and video conferencing.

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