Wi-fi and shared networks – how GOETEC members are supporting the mobility agenda

With staff mobility and flexibility of working locations increasing, facilitating seamless access to the internet wherever possible is becomes ever more important.

Within education, eduroam® provides this seamless and automatic connection. eduroam provides users with authenticated network logon and access to the internet through a single Wi-Fi profile and set of credentials, wherever the service has been made available by participating organisations of which there are 560 in the UK and more in the 101 other countries.

In the same way, Govroam  is a national roaming service which provides ‘zero touch’ internet access to public sector staff across the UK. Hundreds of public sector organisations currently use Govroam, including NHS Trusts, local authorities and emergency services.

In Kent, GOETEC members and KPSN have been promoting the publishing of both networks to facilitate collaboration, staff mobility and other benefits such as for example enhanced placement experience for trainee doctors in the NHS.

With the publishing of Govroam to all the EKC group six community-based colleges across East Kent this month, GOETEC members now offer a complete coverage for eduroam, Govroam as well as offering guest Wi-Fi, enabling students, staff and visitors to access the internet in the most seamless way.

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