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Membership Benefits

GOETEC is a not for profit consortium carrying out activity on behalf of the members, raising funds through membership and other activities to cover it’s running costs.

GOETEC benefits include:

  • Knowledge sharing between institutions creating shared regional knowledge and trust.
  • Formal relationships with broader public sector, county and local authorities, education organisations, health trusts and emergency services. Including representation on Kent Connects (joint membership).
  • Facilitated access to KPSN services (https://kpsn.net/)
  • Events including “Chatham house”, members and open events.
  • Shared training opportunities
  • Communities of interest:
    • Cyber and Business Security
    • Best Practice
  • Members’ forums
    • Directors’ forum
    • Operations forum
  • Annual Conference
  • Exclusive access to our Project Management as a Service

GOETEC represents and promotes the interests of IT and related professionals from public sector organisations including HE and FE institutions.


GOETEC provides us with focused support for our wide area networking infrastructure needs however the main value is in the community it creates. Events and shared activities enable us to benefit from a much wider pool of knowledge and experience and GOETEC’s links to the wider regional community have proved invaluable over the years.

John Sotillo
University of Kent
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