UCISA Job Description Bank

UCISA have launched a new job description bank for members

Currently featuring the anonymised structures of two UCISA member institutions as well as job descriptions for all roles included in those structures, the hope is that this free resource will be a valuable asset to IT Leaders recruiting roles new to their institution, reviewing current job descriptions, or reconfiguring their own department’s structure.

UCISA are hugely grateful to the institutions that have worked with us to develop this resource. To protect the privacy of the featured institutions and their employees, information from these structures has been anonymised, and no further details which may compromise this will be provided. However, should you have any other relevant queries regarding either structure then please do get in touch with UCISA who will forward the query on to the relevant institution.

Institutions come in many shapes and sizes, and so it is our hope that further member institutions will contribute their own IT Department structures and job roles to develop this resource further. If you would like to contribute your department’s current structure and associated job descriptions or have any other suggestions for the UCISA Job Description Bank, please contact Nik Cutler at admin@ucisa.ac.uk. Your anonymity will be preserved and team UCISA will be happy to do any work necessary to ensure references to your institution or identifying features are removed from any documentation that you share with us.

To access this resource, please visit https://www.ucisa.ac.uk/Job-Bank/job-descriptions via login.