National Cyber Security Centre

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) provides a single point of contact for SMEs, larger organisations, government agencies, the general public and departments. The NCSC works collaboratively with other law enforcement, defence, the UK’s intelligence and security agencies and international partners.

Launched in October 2016, the NCSC brought together expertise from CESG (the information assurance arm of GCHQ), the Centre for Cyber Assessment, CERT-UK, and the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure.

As well as providing useful resources for organisations and the public, the NCSC offers a number of useful free services, some of which we have highlighted below. Further information about the NCSC can be found on their website

Threat reports

The NCSC publishes a threat report weekly gathered from open source reports these can be found here

These provide an up to date and comprehensive list of threats facing the UK and in the most major cases support on how to address them. These are free and you can subscribe here

The latest major threat identified is Apache Log4J, which has dedicated information pages:

Alert: Apache Log4j vulnerabilities

Log4j vulnerability – what everyone needs to know


Early Warning available to everyone

The NCSC also has a free Early Warning open to all UK organisations who hold a static IP address or domain name.

Early Warning is designed to inform your organisation of potential cyber attacks on your network, as soon as possible.

The service uses a variety of information feeds from the NCSC, trusted public, commercial and closed sources, which includes several privileged feeds which are not available elsewhere.

Early Warning filters millions of events that the NCSC receives every day and, using the IP and domain names you provide, correlates those which are relevant to your organisation into daily notifications for your nominated contacts via the Early Warning portal.

More information can be found here.